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Curing light

The FlashMax P3 Curing light is undoubtedly the most powerful Curing light on the market, having an out-put power around 6000 mW/cm2. The new version of FlashMaxP3 Curing light offers new patent pending functions. The FlashMaxP3 Curing light is a very powerful and reliable device. The FlashMaxP3 Curing light is the state of the art ergonomic Curing light. The Curing light FlashMaxP3 is remarkable beautiful danish design and very efficient. With the FlashMaxP3 Curing light you achieve safer and significantly shorter curing time for composites. Once you have tried to light cure with a FlashmaxP3 curing light, there is no turning back to another Curing light. Life is much easier with a FlashmaxP3 curing light. When making large composite fillings and putting one or two layers of composite at the bottom, you can build each cusp of one layer of composite! The FlashMaxP3 Curing light is available from CMS Dental. The Curing light FlashMaxP3 is first choice for the orthodontist. FlashMaxP3 the most efficient and reliable Curing light for the orthodontist. The orthodontist saves time using the efficient Curing light FlashMaxP3. A Curing light needs to be reliable, powerful and efficient, exactly what you get when you buy a FlashMaxP3. Amazing quality and power you get for the price when buying the FlashMaxP3. The FlashMaxP3 has an ergonomic grip and is prepared for both right and lefthanded dentists.

dental supply

CMS Dental is a manufacturer with a dental supply of unique products. Our dental supply is a range of specialized products exported world wide. The de...
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FlashMax P7 number one in biofilm control. Biofilm control is the most important challenge in dentistry today. Biofilm control determines the oral hea...
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Mælkesyrebakterier var engang en natrulig del af vores kost, men moderne fremstillede fødevarer indeholder sjældent længere d...
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FlashMax P3 er en meget kraftig hærdelampe, der gør arbejdet nemmere for tandlægen. Hvert plastlag skal kun hærdes 1 sekund, ...
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Prolacsan er en sugetablet med gavnlige mælkesyrebakterier, der hjælper dig med at få en positiv mundhuleflora. Prolacsan er et prob...
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