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FlashMax P7 number one in Biofilm control. Biofilm control is the most important challenge in dentistry today. Biofilm control determines the oral health. Biofilm control determines the health condition of the dental pockets. Biofilm control is of great importance in patients with periodontitis. With a good Biofilm control the general oral health is improved. The oral Biofilm has a major influence on the general health. A good Biofilm control is defined by the composition of bacteria. The Biofilm cannot be removed permanently, but the dentist can control the bacterial composition and thereby improve the oral cavity health. Biofilm control can be achieved with LAD treatment and by adding oral probiotics. The Biofilm is a multilayered bacteria structure with extracellular glycoproteins. The Biofilm is composed of healthy commencal and pathogenic bacteria. Many factors have an influence on the composition of the Biofilm, such as life-style, drugs, medical conditions, genetic factors and type of bacteria in the oral cavity.
The most efficient non-surgical Biofilm control is a combination of scaling, LAD antibacterial treatment and bacterial replacement treatment. The composition of the Biofilm can be changed to the better. What you want is a Biofilm of positive or neutral bacteria and avoid the inflammophile bacteria. A very important issue for all dentists is the patients oral cavity Biofilm. Many recent studies have proved that the oral cavity Biofilm, and specifically the bacterial composition of this Biofilm has a huge impact on the patients health. The Biofilm in the dental pockets around teeth and/or implants is of great importance. The challenge is to control the Biofilm. The probiotic bacteria will quickly take part in the Biofilm transformation and exclude the negative bacteria to settle. The lactobacillus used in ProlacSan® gel have the ability to inhibit the growth of the known pathogenic bacteria such as P.gingivalis, F.nucleatum, T.denticola, P.denticola and S.mutans.


FlashMax P3 er en meget kraftig hærdelampe, der gør arbejdet nemmere for tandlægen. Hvert plastlag skal kun hærdes 1 sekund, ...
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dental supply

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Prolacsan er en sugetablet med gavnlige mælkesyrebakterier, der hjælper dig med at få en positiv mundhuleflora. Prolacsan er et prob...
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Curing light

The FlashMax P3 Curing light is undoubtedly the most powerful Curing light on the market, having an out-put power around 6000 mW/cm...
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