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dental supply

CMS Dental is a manufacturer with a dental supply of unique products. Our dental supply is a range of specialized products exported world wide. The dental supply is within infection control, endodontics and periodontics. CMS Dental has a dental supply of SoftCore and OneStep root canal obturators with unique features which has made them a great success world wide. There is a growing demand of dental supply of FotoSan 630 because of it's fantastic effect within infection control. A new product within our dental supply range is the FotoSan Blue with unique features making it a preferred tool within infection control. CMS Dental is a danish based dental supply company which is manufacturing specialized products. dental supply of high quality products in typical danish design is the trade mark of CMS Dental. The dental products from CMS Dental are the top of the quality within dental supply. The dental supply products from CMS Dental are exported world wide because of their unique features. CMS Dental offers a very high end of specific dental supply's to dentists worl wide. The export of the dental supply's from CMS Dental is in the high end of dental devices.

Curing light

The FlashMax P3 Curing light is undoubtedly the most powerful Curing light on the market, having an out-put power around 6000 mW/cm...
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Mælkesyrebakterier var engang en natrulig del af vores kost, men moderne fremstillede fødevarer indeholder sjældent længere d...
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Prolacsan er en sugetablet med gavnlige mælkesyrebakterier, der hjælper dig med at få en positiv mundhuleflora. Prolacsan er et prob...
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